debt were the many demands of mainly young customers: increasingly, buyers of luxury goods want to know where the furs and animal skins come from, which adorn her clothing. Animals that suffered? Are there any ethical concerns? All too often the honest answer to both questions was: Yes. And quite liked the fashion Giants and don’t – rethink was so said.


Haute Couture fashion show of Chanel 2011 / by Haute Couture News – work, CC BY-SA 3.0, link

only or waste products from the food industry required

from now on, it says so:» No. Croco for CoCo “, the OFEMP». Andel, the luxury fashion has thus for the first time the sector. In future no new clothing to be fitted more by Chanel with exotic animal skin, only waste products from the food industry, already incurred are still allowed. Crocodiles, snakes, stingrays and lizards must no longer sacrifice as so many times before, for Chanel her skin. From may of next years followed by the absolute absence of fur! This seems almost like a miracle, Haute which decorates itself but for many decades consistently with the precious animal product, seemingly without any remorse Couture.

PETA called on the other labels to follow Chanel

may be Chanel someday will take biotech leather in the range, but it’s still pie in the sky. At the moment, there is a veritable run on the remaining animal skin products, the Python bags were sold out shortly after the new release of the designer. A few people still cling to the old States, but many customers are certainly welcome the change in values. The animal humane society international (HSI) expressed already praised and PETA called the other luxury labels to follow example of Chanel. With a little luck was now a finally a wave kicked off, all great designers captures and saves so that millions of animal suffering. Animal rights activists around the world already felt forever fighting for this goal that is now within reach!


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