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Bobbi Brown cosmetics: campaign starting with celebrity brand ambassadors to review


Bobbi Brown cosmetics has for its new campaign “confident beauty” three diverse women as reinforcement original ethos at the heart brought to his make – namely the celebration of individual beauty and the strengthening of the role of the Mrs.

the American actress Yara Shahidi and Elizabeth Olsen and Chinese actress NiNi are the new global brand ambassadors and tell their “beauty-truths” – the bona fide leitmotifs of their life change – women everywhere to inspire.

“these strong women embody the essential essence of our brand and are available for the modern Bobbi Brown consumers: confident, individual beauty and with its own notion of success”, says Sandra main, President of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. In the center of the campaign, the brand’s traditional and much loved primer products are: skin long-wear weightless Foundation and intensive skin serum Foundation. At the skin long-wear weightless Foundation introduces world’s 12 new shades.

Bobbi Brown cosmetics has always been engaged in the development of perfect products for all skin tones. Espresso, in 1992 with the Foundation stick foundation shades our darkest line is introduced. The unique shades of the brand date back to the intuition and the trained eye of an artist. It had recognized that to look for a perfect match to the natural undertones, that make up the unique skin color in every woman. The result is a wide range of skin and undertone-real hues that give the skin a fresh, healthy and radiant expression.

the dark-skinned Iranian actress Yara Shahidi explains how she discovered Bobbi Brown: “I think the brand and my generation stand for the same values: the importance of inclusion.” In addition to make-up the brand advocates since the beginning of charity; This is so not a commercial trend, but a real philosophy.”

“I am excited about my partnership with a brand that is in an industry that is so erratic, it always so consistently and committed their identity. Since the 1990s, many trends are come, gone and come back. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics was always a timeless brand”, says Elizabeth Olsen, actress, producer and activist.

award-winning Chinese actress NiNi fell in love with the brand, as it was prepared by her longtime makeup artist on a red carpet appearance. “I was delighted with the quality of products that make my skin shine, weightless New York spirit and boundless self-confidence.”

to celebrate of the campaign “confident beauty” officially launches the pretty powerful Fund Bobbi Brown Cosmetics on the occasion of the international women’s day on March 8. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics donates $400,000 to four worthy charities that have been selected by our ambassadors. These organizations support the Mission of the Fund, to create new perspectives for women and girls.

the international premiere of the new partnership is planned for March 2019.

source: Bobbi Brown cosmetics
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