soaps in the test (not my)

frequently take on skincare inspirations cosmetics companies on the agenda and coped with absurd slogans us, product content often nothing to do with the have. Today let us look for a change of assessment criteria of beauty journalists – i.e. copywriters, assess what cosmetics in magazines or newspapers. It would be that interesting to know on what basis recommendations for certain cosmetics come into existence. Today we look at SOAP in the test as an example – it is short and exciting!

the best SOAP searched

that has Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung “analyzes ten SOAP some time ago” and mapped them from very good to not good. It let one backed up the evaluation criteria. Below are three examples from the article that well represent the whole nonsense.

The test – evaluation criteria

soaps soaps in the test Alverdeodor

which SOAP review of Alverde “organic mint, organic bergamot” begins with the assertion that “synthetic fragrances, color and” Are preservatives as well as mineral oils “as the culprit in a SOAP. And because the Alverde SOAP waived them so should be good per se . However, the terrible smell makes a good estimation of the SOAP to niece…

should be the SOAP not on aggressive surfactants tested? Should the pH level of SOAP be considered maybe? The smell alone is not all important application criteria, one might think… 

Used in,

soaps the test Santé smell & packaging

which SOAP FAZ-criteria for the evaluation of the Santé with “Organic Aloe & limonene” are, however, the following: the smell was qualified as a pleasant and a nurturing component was found. Otherwise: The plastic bottle was broken. And because of the defective pump the SOAP is considered to be deficient.

there are also other, perhaps even more sensible criteria was evaluated on the basis of which the Santé SOAP? No. Really not. We backed up further…

packaging SOAP Molton in the test & fragrance

this narrative will continue on soaps in the test… This time, the focus in addition to the scent in particular on the packaging. The liquid soap Molton Brown has been praised for their beautiful bottle “with the filigree lettering” and “subtly fruity” scent. But wait! Is still an addition: “The hands then also maintained feel”.

well something like that! Unfortunately, we don’t know how this care comes into existence. It is a pity that composition of the SOAP not interested in the graders, isn’t it?

evaluation criteria of beauty

the above table gives us the impression that a beautiful packaging and a still more beautiful fragrance not only from manufacturers and sellers of cosmetics, but also by journalists as criteria for the evaluation of Skin care will be used. The wording and content of the product is of secondary importance. This amazed. “SOAP in the test” might have completely different, it would have taken reasonable criteria for assessing the products at hand. Because the most beautiful SOAP packaging brings not much, if the hands, or – even worse: face – are constantly confronted with irritating, drying out ingredients and a pH at 10.

The bells ring

. Hopefully.

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