Smashbox photo finish Foundation primer - my patent for sunscreen dispenser

next week comes the promised blogpost to a fantastic Foundation from the Drugstore. You can now like to guess what it is. 🙂 Now would I but offer the long planned contribution to you, asyou can outwit the tiresome role of sunscreen. The trick I discovered by chance and am eternally grateful for that. And the solution of the problem is: Smashbox photo finish Foundation Primer.

Smashbox photo finish Foundation primer review

Smashbox photo finish Foundation Primer


‘silky soft, ultra lightweight blend of vitamin A and E, grape seed extract and green tea for the perfect Makeup base. This primer you can only use or wear under your Foundation, to extend the shelf life of your makeup. Our best-selling primer helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores. Ensures flawless skin with a velvety soft finish. “Oil-free formulation!” (Smashbox)

the manufacturer’s instructions are primers in the case of the Smashbox quite modest, I think. It is not reported by the magical powers of the cosmetic product, or spell effects. The fantasy of the Marketing Department knows each as we know no boundaries. The description is so what can afford the primer also. And what can he asks her so? Quite a bit!

What does

Smashbox primer – and his unexpected assistance

to do the Smashbox primer with unrolling a sunscreen?

the relationship is as follows: based on a volatile silicone Primer: Cyclopentasiloxane. volatile means that after the order evaporated silicone and leaves only a smooth surface. This primer is the lightest product I ever used – and I mean the lightest of all possible cosmetics, which I had to do. He disappears to speak even before you have distributed it and becomes one with your face (maybe Smashbox could advertise soon with a “spiritual component” of the product… now, I notice).

Please do not fear Silicones in cosmetics. They are quite harmless to the skin and by no means – deserve the bad reputation more about Silicones in skin care here.

because of Smashbox photo finish Foundation Primer so exceptionally ultra light is, not complaining he also skin, but sets himself with a very thin layer above it. This layer interacts with the cream, but smooths the rolls and Fairweather of face cream that is applied under it. The same it does by the way with dry skin areas.

how should you do it? Imagine that your sunscreen unwinds after the order (no serious idea or?). You then try to carefully remove the sausage with a towel or handkerchief and produce still more of them. Frustrations without end. And now we have the solution (which I will soon probably sign patent. :).) Wait quietly at least 20 minutes after the order of the day cream and wear then (Yes, on the rolls) the Smashbox photo finish Foundation primer on . The sausages disappear from alone. Witchcraft. Hex, hex.

does the same effect as with other primers? Only in part. I have z home other primer and also the lightest among them are photo finish Foundation primer a lot “heavier” in comparison to the Smashbox. They must accordingly works are or brakes (depending on the Sun) on the skin, so there is a danger that they come with sunscreen or the unwanted residues in response. And that happened with the photo primer finish by Smashbox not.

Smashbox photo Foundation primer 1

is the Smashbox primer mild formulated?

with great joy I must announce that the Savior of all desperate SonnenschutzverwenderInnen – the Smashbox Foundation primer stimulus arm formulated -. You will find neither alcohol nor unnecessary surfactants or irritating constituents of essential oils. More I wouldn’t expect a primer too. The manufacturer advertises although with vitamins and grape seed extract (green tea extract is also), the amounts of which are however too small to make a difference in the skin. Nice to have, but not must be.


what can of primer else?

you probably ask, how the skin looks after the order? The frosted face primer or the skin is then rather glowy?

of Smashbox photo finish Foundation Primer is definitely not matte primers. After the order, the shine of the Sun is gone although and the skin looks much “normal” or not presentable, but that’s not blatant matting, how’s about the Smashbox pore minimizing primer can (here |) partner link).

of Smashbox photo finish Foundation Primer is transparent and can alone be – worn on the day cream that women and men used be wearing any Foundation. Is then used a primer, is easier and faster to apply these, because the skin is so incredibly smooth. However other primer can do it – in the smooth basis I see so the special more of Smashbox primer.

photo finish Foundation primer has the Smashbox one soft capturing effect? A little Yes. The pores are definitely less visible and even facial skin. But the above mentioned Mbarak Smashbox pore minimizing Primer is much more soft: according to the order, the pores and wrinkles are actually significantly more gephotoshoped. The liliane primer so sore causes with an oily T-zone. A skin that is dry or older (or outside of the T-zone) this must however not necessarily beneficial look, because the smoothed points also then to matt.

photo finish Foundation Primer from Smashbox is thus neither a star in matting in soft focus. It makes the skin even though and refined definitely problematic points. Its strength lies but elsewhere: he saves time and frustration in the morning after application of sunscreen and allows therefore sun protection options, which it has been hopelessly back as a result of the rolling.

and this is a great achievement in my eyes! What do you mean?

Smashbox photo finish Foundation primer – my conclusion

two luxury sample of Smashbox primer were for a long time in my drawer. I could remember that the primer left no impression on me several years ago. As I was amazed but, as I told on a Sunday a small amount of the product directly on the Sun Fußel and they literally disappeared. Now I know what the is actually good primer from Smashbox: stress and frustrations, which are connected with the order of some sunscreen products up on the zero to reduce. Hallelujah.

so my Dears, I can not promise that which is just as well work with you primer. But, you can try to apply the product in a cosmetics business directly on your sunscreen. Should the same happen miracle, that tell me please!

where to buy Smashbox primer?

order you can the primer during the Black Friday discount week such as Douglas here – minus 20% discount with the code Black20 for €26,41 (PartnerLink/affiliate). Otherwise it can be, I think, only or purchase directly from Smashbox, however without discount.

well, what do you think about the idea presented here? Have you tested maybe ever – with a different primer? Then ask here with the name! It would be nice, we can find a primer from the drugstore, which works just as well…

your PIA