and again a new product from Paula’s choice, I feel, I’m behind hardly any of the many firsts. But I needed the “Omega + complex moisturizer” necessarily? Yes, because dry skin can use always a little “inspiration” in the cold season, so I’ve at least told me… and ordered. How well was my first impression, I tell you here today…

at Paula’s choice you have to watch a little: no light protection filter in the cream, it’s usually a “cream”, even if there is not “night cream” or similar on it, the company calls it plain moisturizer. On the German side of the shop, the product is traded as “Cream” However offensive. And then also for “all skin types”, but with a tendency to “dry, dehydrated skin that shows signs of skin aging.” Hmm…

with the label “Cream” I agree fully, even if you want to very happy during the day apply the smooth and rich cream on cold days and can. you should think only about the extra sunscreen might (I leave you with this important decision and will not dictate this).

the fact is: in addition to all the mega anti-aging drug bomb, that have PC in the program, is the Omega + complex moisturizer really just focused on taking care of the skin (and in particular the skin barrier). So a fine product, combined with an active substance serum, without too many ingredients to “stick”.

problematic I see the term ‘for all skin types”which one although not continuous, but here and there finds in the product descriptions. I don’t know why PC in Germany are sometimes so vague, because on the US page I can’t find this lax label! And that’s a good thing, for oily and combination skin should be here but the finger of let. Moisture is ok, but the many nourishing oils were definitely too much and possibly trigger for nasty skin reactions for this skin.

even if we have a good product, so can also rosacea skin benefitbecause the included Omega fats eg. ensure that on the one hand bacteria, viruses and fungi can can’t penetrate into the skin and on the other hand, the skin can store more water. Buffered and inflammatory reactions in the skin reduces irritation.

the cream comes from the engaging and heavy donors easily and hygienically. The baby blue is a little uninspired, simultaneously but also high-quality and confidence. The consistency is clearly firmer than at the Omega + complex serum, just a typical cream that glides on the skin but very soft and supple, without that one “must warm it may be something”, to achieve an easy Spreadability. I know eg. by Paula’s “Clinical Ultra-Rich Moisturizer”.

amazingly, I find that in spite of the numerous included oils, no Bacon shine is created even if I distribute three pumping jolts of the cream on the face. I won’t say that it produces a matte finish, but it shines not definitely with me.

I have a slightly “powdery” feeling on the skin, that I can not really read

sometimes but after the application. Perhaps it’s connected with the film formers “Pullulan”.

the care performance is quite comparable with that of the “clinical ultra-rich moisturizers” (both have a water/Shea butter base), although this is something “oily”, and contains silicones and vitamins. Dry skin is equally well served but both products. Extremely dry skin can get even a drop of facial oil but also at Omega + complex moisturizer. For me it is sufficient alone, whereas I Re: STORE HighDroxy now get a few drops of Lipd’or must give.

I can’t perfectly the moisturizer, the infamous rosacea nose behaves inconspicuously, and I’m pretty satisfied with this night cream, the is with all mean Sera and scrubs (which I use before that) well can withstand. Properties of the fatty acids be repaired the barrier you can tell already that the skin looks after quite some time significantly more resilient, especially when cutting cold and heavy wind. Probably is my permanent companion during the holidays on the North Sea.


how I like, good compatibility with other active ingredient products as here no uncomfortable summations can result, which could possibly end in an excess supply of various active ingredients. This concern has been mentioned here several times, and I can understand it perfectly, because the potent active substances should be really only strictly controlled on the skin.

Aqua, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) butter (grooming, AOX)Ceteareth-6 Olivate (moisture, texture)butylene glycol (Spreadability, moisture)C13-15 alkane () Solvents)glycerol (moisture) (texture)glyceryl stearate Polyglyceryl-4 laurate (care, Emuslionsbildner)decyl oleate (care)Linum usitatissimum () Linseed) seed oil (Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils)Salvia Hispanica (Chia) seed oil (Omega-3 oil)Olea europaea (olive) fruit oil (olive oil)Passiflora edulis (passion fruit) seed oil (Omega-6 vegetable oil)Borago officinalis seed oil (AOX, reassuring)Psidium guava (guava) fruit extract (AOX)Olea europaea (olive) oil Unsaponifiables (moisture)Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam) seed oil (vegetable oil) (fatty acid)linoleic acid, linolenic acid (fatty acid)oleic acid (Omega-9 fatty acid)Euterpe oleracea (Açaí) sterols (care)ceramide AP (repairing skin barrier)ceramide EOP (repairing skin barrier)ceramide NP (repairing skin barrier)serine (moisture) (moisture)alanine, glycine (moisture), PROLINE (Feu chtigkeit), lysine HCl (moisture), threonine (moisture), arginine (moisture) Squalane (care) cholesterol (care) Phytosphingosine (repairing skin barrier), Anastatica Hierochuntica extract (AOX, reassuring) lecithin (care)etanorulayH muidoS (balancing) (moisture)sodium lactate Boerhavia Diffusa root extract (AOX, reassuring)enisonedA (balancing)phytic acid (excipient) (moisture)glutamic acid, betaine (moisture) (Filmbildn Pullulan He)PCA (balancing)sodium PCA (balancing)carbomer (thickening agents)sodium polyacrylate starch (stabilizer) (Verdickun Sclerotium gum gsmittel)xanthan gum (thickening agents)sodium Lauroyl Lactylate (Emuslionsbildner) (preservative)Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin (preservative)


as you can see: no Silicones (working against the cliche, Paula would be the ‘Queen of silicones’), no hardcore ingredients, all care and protection (AOX) not fragrant plant oils, fatty acids, Ceramides. This moisture from e.g. the Omega fatty acids, glycerol, and numerous amino acids. As well as a few soothing plant substances on top (passion fruit, guava). Stimulator formulated and wonderful for the skin’s protective barrier.

you need it necessarily? Oily and mixed skin do not. Who has found a great combination of active substance serum, oil protective barrier and night cream, but not necessarily change. Who but might want to save a step, can not much wrong make night cream with the really nice caring and thereby not bacon Omega + complex, also with very sensitive skin, do not. Great, practical wind – and Wettercreme, I can use the moisturizer.

the wording is quite fine and the price keeps still within limits, especially if you (like me) with a 20% discount coupon the price of € 36,00 for 50 ml, could press again. PC invented nothing “New” here, but the product is just nice and does what it is supposed to. Extremely low-fat skin will not come around but also oil to enrichment with a few tropical.

50 ml approx. € 36,00 (about Paula’s choice, there are to buy also sample sizes, and soon Flaconi)