from time to time under the heading “KK beauty talk” a couple communicate my thoughts to the current beauty topics. Today we “Experts” in the Internet world, a rather cheeky beauty brand in the UK, and a new entry in the popular “low pH” series by COSRX.

question: “Send a care routine over there!” I thus: “Waas?”

skin care, and its associated products, are a highly complex issue. Not for nothing there are infinitely many training opportunities, and even Dermatologists are not omniscient in this area long ago. Then comes the problem with the products, which we can see not only on ingredients lists whether they now 100% good or 100% are bad for us. Roughly, you can locate bad break and to clarify whether that like it or not.

to fit well, that I am a long time ago request of one (calculated!) Fitness Magazine as ‘Skin care expert’ got. I replied that they might like to question me as fitness or sports experts (as a graduate Sports scientists is probably ok), but “Skin care expert”, just because I’m a blogger? So much then, imagine some journalists among “Experts”.

I remember like my early days as a blogger, shortly after I had almost devoured Paula Begoun and their wisdom. Suddenly, there were only black and white for me. Evil and good products. What a stress may because it developed to a kind of paranoia, so an excessive suspicion that can be a stiff, serious, and missionierend.

at some point I gave up the proselyting, because I am on the point of view that you can give good advice other people only in real basics. Unfortunately, we must make our own experiences in many things.

surely we are all grateful for advice (and I read that only all too greedy), the US eg. expensive Fehlkäufe save, or instructions for the proper use of so some care highlight, such as retinol or acids. On the other hand it is on Bloggerseite so, that most of us are also “only” attentive consumers, read on because of the exciting theme, knowledge, and due to your own world of experience to process and evaluate.

in this respect I repeat often and insistently, that I give just don’t like personal advice about skin problems, product recommendations and care routines because highly individual things are, where you have a much too much responsibility as a layman would take over. Nevertheless, it is so that people are always looking for the egg of Columbus, and as long there will be also the provider of such solutions.

we are understandable, as triggered by the sometimes outrageous practices of the cosmetic companies (concealment of ingredients lists on the Web sites, brazen promise of advertising, etc.) consumers shaken like never before, and there is definitely, the potent tools for better looking skin.

on the sustainable way you would finally, would you acquire the most important “skills” himself – peu à peu. To his own experts will sound but logically, because who knows us better than we do? I don’t Cook a new dish after feeling, but look at different recipes, first transfer them to my taste. Then the stuff will be cooked a few times, and eventually I my have together favorite recipe. Excuse the bumpy comparison, I think, but, you know what I mean. 😉

cheap beauty brand

SR skincare

had awakened my interest a long time ago, and now I wanted to finally send a test order this month, because the peels and peptide products sparkled me already violently.

just as well that I had started earlier still an Internet search made me seem highly unsympathetic company SR skincare in one fell swoop.

first of all the acids are cheating products, because as one learns on the SR-skincare store page, these are all highly buffered to make them “as compatible for home use”. Want to know what can be possibly good for home use are fairly “toothless”, because there are also pretty irresponsible consumers, which would probably applaud himself without thinking 50% glycolic acid on the face. Anyway: Why are such products (from 10% to 50%) then Offered?

clearly there was unpleasant when I found a thread to SR skincare on reddit. Click

a customer had purchased there and amazed noted that the ingredients lists of products were not identical to those on the shop page. In fact she had decided against a purchase, she would have immediately seen. So she found that not exactly customer friendly and complained accordingly to the customer service.

what then came back from the customer service from the UK, was a bottomless impudence and worse than children shit.

unfortunately I’ve heard often from very unfriendly reactions to (legitimate) complaints from the UK. I hope that only individual cases are even though they are doubly ugly memories. When SR skincare I in any case will be nothing order, this much is clear!

COSRX “Low pH First Cleansing Milk”

the “low pH good morning gel cleanser” by COSRX is highly popular with us, even if the ingredients not to total “stimulus poverty” are sufficient. But he is thorough and fast, and a low pH is value (according to current knowledge) for skin health beneficial.

the gel was also a bit drying, the new Milky product is now also for drier skin types use at a pH value also of about 5.5.

INCI: water, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, dipropylene glycol, olive oil PEG-7 esters, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, 1,2-Hexanediol, PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate, arginine, carbomer, Caprylyl glycol, citrus aurantium Bergamia (bergamot) fruit oil, acrylates /. C10-30 alkyl acrylate Crosspolymer, Allantoin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, butylene glycol, Cyclomethicone, disodium EDTA, Carica papaya (papaya) fruit extract, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) extract

because it is a washable product, you should be the contained potentially irritating substances, such as bergamot oil and Witch Hazel do worry, however, perfume allergy must be here quite careful!

-due to the beautiful gel consistency of milk, and because this product is not so huge smell of tea tree oil, I’m going to probably the cleanser I. And also because the sister product was then too drying for my dry skin.

currently it is still not widely available, about the RoseRoseShop you get it shops already, about the German K-beauty certainly soon. The price is probably similar to as in be about 12 euros for 150 ml for the gel cleanser.