skin care of Primark with Alex stone mens - this time without glamour

for a few months there is on the market a new skin care line that is associated with some surprises. The first surprise is that this is offered by the cheap fashion chain Primark . The second is that the skin care (mit) developed by Primark by Alex stone mens. She works for the glamour of magazine and is associated with Estée Lauder so obviously a huge promotional lever for the Primark represents it face care line.

but has lamour skin care of Primark also something to do withG or at least to reasonable compositions? We will discuss that in the today’s blog post.

admittedly wrote the review with mixed feelings. Because on the one hand I would like to support cheap discount stores of this type (under you will find a few links to the topic). On the other hand, the huge rush of people who accompanied each Primark new opening, is a clear sign of the enormous popularity of the store. And if you already buys and it looks at the skin care Department over, the skin is at least don’t ruin made. This is the only positive message of this article.

I’m starting

Alessandra stone mens

with the alleged ideas. When the new care series of Primark was announced, she was first and foremost that’s why everyone is talking about, because she was with developed just by Mrs stone mens. What makes it so special, and who is Ms. Stone mens? Alessandra stone mens is a beauty journalist, who has worked in recent years as Director of the beauty Department of the US edition of glamour magazine. Why was Alex stone men invited to a cooperation to develop of new skin care by Primark ? Their many interviews about the Primark skincare is that she work-related has tested a lot of beauty products and due to a rain communication with people in social networks probably knows, which wishes to Dominate skin care cosmetics market. The beauty expert that makes an excellent developer of skin care? No. Many seems to inspire her experience as a beauty journalist and attracts the Primark skincare shelves. And if they are already there, what are they? I tell you now.

Primark skincare by Alex stone mens

no Primark has glamour nothing to do with. that is out of the question. Why external I me I so even to the skin care from Primark when I generally hold little of the textile discount stores? Three reasons:

  • first new skin care products Primark are not poorly formulated. And I found personally surprising and worthy of release alone.
  • second, not all can people afford expensive mild formulated facial care. And the Primark skincare is all things stimulus arm.
  • thirdly many of you ask me in recent times, as is the skin care of Primark and that I would like to give an answer in a blog post.

note: Besides the face care series by Alex stone mens Primark other skincare products that are not particularly appealing composed there. When talking about skin care thus Primark I am referring exclusively to those products, where above the name “Alex stone men” on the packaging.

skin care by Primark Alex stone mens 2

skin care from Primark – properties

the skin care collection from Primark which was co-developed by Alex stone mens is produced in Turkey and is composed of 20 Products together. I looked at them all, but bought only four of them, to test the texture. To do this right.

which characterized all 20 products Primark ? The Primark skincare:

  • contains no denatured alcohol / ethanol
  • is not perfumed
  • contains no components of essential oils, the count as allergy-inducing
  • contains no irritating or allergenic Plant extracts
  • was not (cruelty free is tested on animals)
  • contains Cleanser with skin-friendly pH-value and mild surfactants (no sulfates)
  • has a good packaging (tubes, pump dispensers)
  • contains micro plastic
  • 19659026]is very Silicon-heavy
  • contains no active ingredients in effective concentrations
  • is characterized by a low concentration of valuable ingredients from
  • characterized by absurd promises, what cosmetics do not (as antioxidant) can afford

are in summary the skin care of Primark is mildly worded and will not harm our skin barrier. On the other hand, the creams contain no active ingredients, which could lead to a change in skin.

Alex stone mens for Primark – overview

Primark skin care collection to five different skin problems or skin needs contact:

maximum moisture

– for more moisture

Micellar cleansing gel, moisture-locking everyday Moisturiser, Supreme sheet mask, hydration on the go

– balance for less impurities

low-pH sulphate free cleanser, Super Detox clay stick mousse mask, anti-blackhead blemish rescue Sticker
pollution solution

– against pollution and blue light

oil-free gel Hydra gate, daily skin Starter – two more products are coming on the market: dual plump texture Exfoliating pads and city mask

– glow for st get radiant skin stick

facial in a, plump & glow Moisturiser, the power mask, plumping lip gloss

– chip for a verjüngernden sleep

one-step night cleanse, the sleeping every night eye mask, face mask and the overs Admittedly ight lip mask

I feel no need to analyze all these products – for one, because they very similar to say: unaufregend, are formulated. On the other hand I would have to capture all Ibrahim in a Primark, because there are no INCI list of the complete skin care collection available all over the Internet (Status: January 2019). And for that, I guess my time too much.

well, as mentioned, I have four products from the new Primark skincare line taken and tested. This is my conclusion:

Primark skin care in the test this cream according to packaging not explicitly for a dry skin, but for one is

Primark – moisturizer

low-moisture thirsty skin far Mt. However, it is in principle only one to recommend oily pronounced mixing skin . My normal skin has now recorded a quite large amount of them and felt still thirsty. The composition contains a set of retaining moisture, donors such as Squalane, fructose, maltose, trehalose, urea, sodium PCA. Their concentration is less than 1% each. Taken together, even the amount of moisture retaining donors can make no sensible moisturizing serum or moisture booster from the moisturizer. He is more not first and foremost, a pleasant, super lightweight moisturizer for oily skin. 75ml cost € 6.

Primark – facial in a stick

here is the phrase already much more convincing. The stick is composed mainly of sunflower seed oil, almond oil, various growth and damp retaining means. However, the is not satisfactory performance . Which meant stick for my daughter – for lips and face in the winter. Weil it has measures against any face cream, I use a nourishing lipstick on your face (as well as in summer, more about it here). The stick is bigger than a lip balm and could play the role well in the winter. Unfortunately, he is too hard – even after warming up in the hands of the oils and waxes are not particularly soft and rather than nourish the skin, she pulls the stick back and forth. Not good. Is not used. 6. 4 g cost € 6.


Primark – oil-free gel Hydra goal

the oil-free moisturizing gel is extremely easy. It is a mixture of silicones and micro plastic, extracts with uncertain effect as well as glycerine and Hylauronsäure as a humectant. The facial gel is very easy and recommended only for a very oily skin. The skin is damaged by the gel in any way, but moisturizes as well as an oily skin just needs it (low). 50ml cost € 6.

skin care by Primark Alex stone mens

Primark – the power mask

this cloth mask consists of zwe i steps. In the first step, a watery gel-moisturizing serum is applied. On top is a cloth, that e.g. with glycerine, betaine, arginine, and Aloe Vera is soaked. The fit is not bad and the mask is pretty good. Overall, the moisture mask can be assessed by Primark as very good. If you like cloth masks and buys at Primark you would be probably very happy so. ingredients of power mask by Primark can be found here in the second picture.

skin care from Primark – my conclusion

the new Primark skincare by Alex stone mens claims to operate any type of skin. Is only partly so. A dry skin will find there hardly anything except face masks and cleaning agents. The two above presented moisturizers are, however, well can serve an oily skin. But a fashion for rather younger generations is intended in principle Primark and they might get a mild formulated skin care there, without damaging the skin with allergens and ethanol.

this is particularly positive, because there are hardly any unscented facial care without alcohol and essential oils for oily and mixed skin at drugstores! You can buy good facial creams for dry skin (example: BALEA and ISANA). the skin produces, however more equity oil (sebum), is it in a DM or Rossmann due to attraction-poor skin care. And if you don’t have the money for expensive creams, an alternative would be Primark .

before you go to Primark However, read about the store and decide whether you want to support the policy of cheap production (which is operated by very many clothes producers).

how sustainable is Primark? -About efforts of the last few years

PRIMARK & CO.: what brand produces the best cheap clothes? -Galileo TV Primark & co.

bring Germany to the brink of collapse of clothes (here is the question of whether we – humans – or the company bears the blame for the State of)

textile Alliance committed to minimum standards

but cost There is nothing – five years after the collapse of the textile factory Rana Plaza (with a video)

what do you think? Would you buy your skin care Primark or avoids you shops such as Primark, Zara, TopShop rather, etc.? Surprise you that the skin care of Primark stimulus arm formulated? Would you expect instead – a fragrance parade like I -, which should cover a strong alcohol smell? Tells!

your PIA