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today I will tell you about my latest discovery in terms of solar shading: the OMUCI sunscreen SPF50 * (here). It was a love on the first order and I am convinced that many of you would feel it much. A tube of the OMUCI sunscreen has given me some weeks ago a dear Blogleserin to the test sent. Because it has a very dry skin and tells her the face cream, I assumed that she will be too rich for me. However, that is not the case. Even more: The OMUCI sunscreen I find absolutely wonderful – in (almost) every way.

what the OMUCI sunscreen “Nothing to Hide”, what he can’t do, which he raises concerns and enthusiasm – that learns you in today’s post.

OMUCI sunscreen – my concerns

INCI Declaration

as the first me irritated the suntan lotion from OMUCI. To be precise, the tube can be found an INCI list that contains no standardized INCI name. For example, Instead of “Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl triazine” (UV protective filter Tinosorb S), “Bimotrizinol” has been specified. The response of the OMUCI team on my this demand was not long in coming. It was OMUCI seeking a high transparency, and aims that people understand what they are buying. Hardly anyone would thus like to know what is “Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl Triazine”. HM… Know the people hidden what is behind the name “Bimotrizinol”? Probably not. Supposedly OMUCI has requested cosmetic products notification Portal (CPNP) from the and this kind of the INCI-indication should be possible in Europe. At the same time the standardized INCI list was sent to me, which you can see by clicking the bottom arrow.

Fair enough. The answer was in my eyes although this is not optimal, but at least has the company immediately responded and one delivered statement.Omuci sunscreen review

preservatives then turned the second question, namely the preservatives. According to OMUCImes took over this role in the Sonnencre: Candelilla wax and grape seed oil. In the enclosed there amounts, should protect according to OMUCIthe wording confident against bacteria and micro-organisms (various tests which were subjected to the formulations in laboratories showed that). But at best will, I could find no credible information regarding the preserving properties of the above mentioned substances. A post by 1974 (!) reports on a good preservative function of Candelilla wax, if you so… Lemon peel treats (here). This can be of course. If the wax treated our skin such as a lemon, we don’t know but (maybe it should be permanently mad for this purpose).

you know my opinion on “natural” preservatives (which I U.S. vitamin C and A Sera from Casida in this post about on the table). At this point, I’m still skeptical.

what could speak for a formulation with low preservatives, however, is a small amount of water (in OMUCI creams by 20%). The less water contains a skin care product, the less preservatives are needed (generalized said). The risk of bacterial contamination is therefore in the OMUCI UV protection products cannot be ruled out, but to assess my understanding not as high.

what is OMUCI?

but what is at all this OMUCI company, which hardly anyone has heard? After a correspondence with OMUCI in the form of several E-Mails I can inform you pleased, that the cosmetics firm no “suspicious” people behind, but a small family company from Finland. The name “OMUCI” means nothing… It was supposedly an invention resulting from the “Finnish logic”. I don’t know the logic. So I took the lack of importance of the company name to note.

currently, OMUCI provides three sunscreens (SPF 15, 30 and 50), a moisturizing cream for the face and body and a hand lotion on. All are vegan and quite similar to (good) formulated. The philosophy behind OMUCI is, that the family business as possible bull shit-free skin care products would like to bring to the market because there’s now way too much of it (agree). Purchase can be the OMUCI care products currently in stores in Finland, on Amazon (and soon in Spain).

OMUCI sunscreen – ingredients & consistency

after we have discussed the aspect of the preservatives, we come to the very attractive properties of OMUCI’s creams. All three Sun care products are based on Shea butter, jojoba oil, Grapeseed Oil, cocoa butter, Candelilla wax, hardened castor oil, extracts of Aloe Vera and water lily, and panthenol. Added two modern UV protection filter: Tinosorb S and neo Heliopan AP. The OMUCI sun protection formulations do not contain more. The version with SPF 15 and 30 contains only a UV protective filter Tinosorb S. The second UV filter has been added to the SPF50 version.

I would choose the version with SPF50 ( reasons for the choice of higher UV filters can be found here and here ).

the ingredients of OMUCI sound fantastic sunscreens. The wording suggests a very rich and almost oily texture in however. Is however not the case!

the OMUCI sunscreen has a lotion-like consistency, is distributed by alone and moves easily in about 10 minutes on my (normal in the winter skin with a gentle slope to the combination skin).

the cream rolls not a bit off. That inspires me every day!

and they weißelt not. NULL.

all of these properties have led to that the OMUCI put my sunscreen SPF50 in recent weeks so far favored winter sun No. 1: SVR “Sebiaclear” (Review) has replaced.

I am tomorrow on the job that is so wonderfully simpleOmuci sunscreen review

. The skin feels during the day well protected and not dry even in low temperatures and strong wind (in such weather conditions I have the feeling that I needed a second layer of it at Sebiaclear ). As soon as I drive but again regularly bike, I will switch to a water resistant sunscreen. The OMUCI sunscreen remains face cream on days the be condensation free my go .

sunscreens by OMUCI – my conclusion

the search after an easy day care UV protection accompanied with many of us. no problem means: faster order, not a soaping, no roll, not too greasy, not too dry, quickly accessible (not three weeks of waiting on products from Korea), etc. And if these hassle-free sunscreen to still relatively cheap fails (100 ml cost €9,90), is equipped with the best ingredients and – last but not least, – has a high UVA protection – our heart goes up (at least it goes my way).

I like companies that sell mainly on Amazon, frankly not. Most of there offered Sera I avoid using a large sheet. However, these sunscreen from Finland, has delighted me so, that I have now ordered the third tube. On my next order I take butter, avocado oil, hemp seed oil also the “nothing to hide” 200 ml cream with Shea ( here on Amazon * available).

my recommendation for the OMUCI sunscreen is aimed at people who have normal to light combination skin or a dry to very dry skin have. An oily skin will be satisfied with the Sun of Omuci probably not due (although for some it can – also work below the link to the Alex’s profile).

for a skin with rosacea the wording might be to okklusiv; It would need to be tested.

because the composition is not water resistant – and a better protects (see here) water resistant sunscreen I would recommend day care of OMUCI for the summer or a vacation. exception: you have an Office job and could repeat the order of sunscreen during the day.

the sun lotions from OMUCI is suitable also as Sun protection for children.

OMUCI sunscreen SPF50

properties Stimulator | Mild

Yes, for sensitive skin suitable protective UV filter

Tinosorb S | Neo Heliopan AP


Festival, reichhaltig

soaping roll






light Lemony (addendum: readers report a flowery smell), disappears quickly

micro plastic






SPF50 UVA protection

PPD 29 (information of the customer services)

where can I order OMUCI?

Can order one

Omuci Sun products here – 100 ml cost €9,90 *.

Omuci face and body cream (200 ml) cost 14,90 here *.

if any of you sunscreen already has tried an OMUCI, I would be grateful for a confirmation with details of the skin properties.

here you will find experience by Alex (oily skin) with the OMUCI sunscreen !

for many sincerely your PIA

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OMUCI moisturizer (face & body) – Ibrahim Ibrahim

OMUCI hand cream – INCI INCI

* transparency: you ordered through the links your products, a percentage comes to me thankfully. This is by no means affects the final price paid by you. Rather, it is a sign for me that you’re happy with the content of the blog!