Nivea glow - skin care from the drugstore, some promises

Nivea glow – the care series

now I wanna do a short report on the new product line of Nivea Glow offer. belongs to my sensation after “glow” to those effects, which would reach the most women with skin care or makeup. There, cosmetic companies are naturally suspicious… Recently a “glow”toner by BALEA came out, with the headline: “It’s time to glow” (what else?). The content has to do with an announced glow but not necessarily. That got me to take a look at the DM shelves and what I see: the Nivea glow range of treatments. Here we go!

product name and the meaning behind it

before we get to Nivea however, please allow me a general comment to the invention of product names in the cosmetics world: when is a company (or the PR Department) about the appropriate name for a Product series thoughts makes, probably seeking a term that first customer draws attention to. Secondly, the term should be occupied good to very good, so that the target group thus associated something positive. Since many of us a go for skin, we could qualify the name glow already done. Hope the customers could themselves but at the same time, that the product name has anything to do with the content, or? That is especially for care products desired (not to say absolutely critical), because most of us can not estimate what they actually contain and what are good. Would a vacuum cleaner as “Blue Angel” and “Pippi Langstrumpf” coffee maker hot, it would be more or less doesn’t matter, because we know which devices it is. If we but with a “glow toner” or a “glow day cream” are facing, the assessment is much more difficult. There are many of us the product description of the manufacturer. The product name you want to help us take a proper serum or a matching cream at all time from the rule.

how is now the name of the range of treatments of Nivea to the content of the glow products, you ask? We see that now.

50 ml | A day cream should have a UV protection €4.45

. “It doesn’t matter whether the 2-in-1 or 4-8 product is – an inexperienced customer thinks:” day care “the last step in the morning routine =”. Normally nothing more about it will be applied. Therefore, the UV protection that is so important. The day care of Nivea has no protection from UV rays glow . What contains the face cream, on the other hand, is water, a (transient) silicone and denatured alcohol. Which follow humectant, almond oil, vitamin E, soybean oil, micro plastic and seven potentially allergenic fragrances plus perfume. For sensitive skin? Wow!

you can use this day care a glow reach? What do you mean? I think that the light cream of a combination skin first could pleasure. After a while the skin could feel but already quite dry and the occurrence of intolerances and allergies would be excluded. With a radiant skin I would associate the glow of Nivea cream under any circumstances.

150 ml | €3.39

after I turned the day care back on the shelf, I have the foam – or rather the “magic mousse” – taken (her look good? ‘Magic’ is she!). Here, the situation is somewhat different. The cleansing foam is based on mild surfactants (included sodium sulfate is harmless). There are also two allergenic fragrances and perfume. Is the mousse so as well to evaluate? Recommend I would not the product, because there are better cleaning products (also from the drugstore). Soooo bad but it isn’t also. glow? of because! And magic? Ech… We prefer not to start!

Nivea glow magic cleansing foam mousse

suggestions for good cleaning products is your here

cleaning oils compared

125 ml €3.45

Finally, we watch uns the eye makeup remover from Nivea glow care series’s. Thus, the biggest question mark of the contribution is connected at the same time: what does an eye makeup remover with glow to do? Do you have ideas? Dealing with bright eyes or something? What at this point still positive to verzeichnen, is the formulation of the drug product: Makeup Remover is very cleverly worded and perfectly equipped to remove waterproof eye makeup. Whether it au worksch, you must tell me please. I use no separate eye makeup remover. My cleansing oil removes all make-up remains and if necessary, I’m helping to even with the Micelle-water Sensibio by organic Derma.

Nivea glow eye makeup remover

Nivea glow – mean final evaluation

Nivea has it still not perceived, that there is now an enlightened customer segment, look at the ingredients on the back. And these customers would not only efficient care, but also one where the name is at the same time. Otherwise we look dead on the shelves with dozens of cleaning products and never find what we really look for.

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a face cream with allergenic fragrances and alcohol conjures up in the long term no glow. a glowy skin is healthy skin. a healthy skin needs, mild yet effective substances in the daily care routine. Nivea must think there’s something to learn. *

now you’re but – what would or should contain a skin care product that the manufacturer’s legitimately named glow mistake could, without that we us ver * rscht felt?

or, if you want you with ingredients not involved, put it another way: what should a glow toner or a glow effect day care on the skin, so that the product name at the same time is? I’m already looking forward to your imaginative ideas!

your PIA

* my blog reflects my private opinion or my private value judgement. Private value judgments or opinions about products are legally allowed.