the trend barometer starts in a brighter season. Still dealing with things that have moved me in the last week, amused or shocked. But nothing follows a fixed schema, it comes as it comes. Main thing a colorful mix, entertaining, funny, sometimes contemplative, or too nasty…

women’s day

Oops, everywhere is back in big letters: today is women’s day! congratulations on… UH! Frankly I find somehow unmotivated this “holiday” (OK, in Berlin it is one). Just as mother / father’s day. Shouldn’t you throughout the year…?

some people think now, you would have to distribute roses today to women, drugstores give 20% discount on cleaning products, and the gift shops and even enjoy, because the insecure person has again not quite paying attention. Must you give today? Is that so, how if I forget Valentine’s day? Or even worse: the wedding day?

doing everything is quite simple. It is Yes not so much to individuals, but tangible facts. For example, the fact that women in this country on average earn about 20 percent of less than men. Or that the Grand Coalition constantly emphasizes a “law for pay equity between women and men”. This law is about 70 years old, without that it would ever have been implemented. already is in the UN Declaration of human rights of 1948: “everyone, without distinction, has the right to equal pay for equal work.

I think I need to congratulate today any woman that she is woman. But I can say that there are still far too many injustices. Not necessarily in the statute books, but in the minds of society. That still little girls and boys are confronted with the outdated roles, and that there must be on. My parents have lived always it me: my mother and father were completely equal, both have worked, but sometimes taken downtime every man for himself, both had their own accounts, but nevertheless everything was jointly regulated. And the best thing about the situation: it was not worth mentioning! It was normal.

Oops Karama in the Carnival, which gave it this time plenty of noise in the Carnival. OK, loud and intense it is anyway, so I am also out of there, but I meant more the sweaty discussions about all the jokes that came this year a little heavily on the test. No matter whether Bernd Stelter stepped down “erdreistete” jokes about double-barreled to make, or wife Kramp Karrenbauer gender goofed (enter wanted to?).

the (mostly bad) handmade corny jokes while I find rather inconsequential, the enormous stiffness in the discussion bothers me more. Whether ACC really hacked around on the ‘third gender’? Oh ever. In my opinion you must be able to withstand that, because at least it is mentioned. It takes its way down to “Normal”. It would be much worse, would find the third gender still no mention, and so: “Huh, is wat dat going?”

about women jokes are made about men also, and now also on an another gender. Took you eventually long enough. Stupid only that K-K already for this woman is known to represent a especially backward picture of society and fostering resentment, thus this fade Witzlein taste comes from then just yet uncomfortable supporting.

was much worse than the joke but the figure which gave ACC at the event. Technically so stiff and stuffy provincial that I could hardly believe my eyes. Kramp Karrenbauer then promptly defended himself against the criticism: “today I feel that we are the verkrampfteste people running around was ever on the world. This can not go on yet so.” OK, that says the right…

dear television!

just a quick tip from me: let it in your reports to the Carnival but better, to switch de Janeiro immediately to the Mainzer Fastnacht or Cologne Carnival parade after the extravagant report from Carnival in Rio. The “culture shock” is simply too big. Brazil has now even warmer, and hips there significantly smoother by scantily clad women and men than ours. It’s so humbling, let us in the belief that we know works such as fantastic Joie de vivre…


Finally it was available: the new Nike Air Max 720the shoe with the so far biggest air element (damping) at all. Of course I got him, for something I can’t resist. Inexpensive is the pines not just, but at Kultsneakers it is always so.

when he arrived, my enthusiasm was gone but quickly again. I did not expect such a Klumpschuh. A Dutch Klotschen in size 47 is a ballet shoes however. I wanted to not be trend but the ugly sneakers! And now it is here for me and I can only think: ugly, ugly, ugly, ugly…

sorry, Nike, but so far the love then but not enough. The shoe was returned and the (incredible) 190 euros have already been reversed. Phew!

Oh, the new kids on the block…

NKOTB are back and take the Boy Band rigmarole pretty fun. Boh, I could at that time no boy bands bear, how nice, when you now tidy can laugh with them.