my influenzal infection recently was pretty rough! Especially clinging mucus in the respiratory way area has more than annoyed me, you have the need to cough constantly. Traditionally much help there ever drink, and there in the pharmacy to buy numerous mucolytic products, which are however not without controversy and quite expensive. Who would like to take something like that, but also properly can save, because there is the active ingredient of acetylcysteine in the Bodybuiding shop next door…

I give any health advice in this article, but find only in a general way, oriented specifically on my experiences. Here no one is treated or cured with uncertainties or questions be sure contact your doctor!

who someday invents the pill against the “cold”, is probably King of the world. this unproductive Herumgeschniefe uses us not, paralyzing our labour and drops the whimsy to the zero point. The symptoms are well known, and like our body then produces reams of tenacious mucus, which stubbornly stuck in the Airways. Not so good at all, because it is important that there not for days hangs around, but can flow out as evenly as possible!

much (!) drink is a very good measure, with carbonated water and teas are preferable. Carbonated beverages we drink may be too little, verfettet of sweetened beverages in amounts probably the liver, or at least the waist!

I take 600 mg acetyl cysteine in the form of effervescent tablets from the pharmacy for a cold since ancient times always 1 x every day to me. There under various trade names, so eg. as ACC acute 600 or NAC 600.

it is the active ingredient of N-acetyl cysteinea derivative of the naturally occurring amino acid cysteine.

you as drug including respiratory diseases with fixed discharge, i.e. as a so-called Hustenlöser used; is effective but not without controversy. N-acetylcysteine is largely biocleanser and has as good as no adverse effects (when properly used).

I personally have the feeling that it helps liquefy the mucus, because traditionally I drink always plenty of fluids, but only in combination with NAC, when cold, I feel a lot easier.

the throat is more productive and also the paranasal sinuses are not so long painful filled. Even swallowing easier if no tough mucus blocks the throat. I watch me himself very carefully, and hope that this is not just my imagination. But so is that, if there is still no scientific “evidence”, but you experience exactly realize how it works. (The study design of the 80s is now outdated and therefore not recognized)

in any case, I’ve annoyed me bad on the prices of many Hustenlöser, and even the Artsy at the pharmacy are not just what one imagines, “cheap”. so I have googled the active ingredient and found amazed that you can get very cheap as a powder in the bag to acetylcysteine. In the fitness requirements.

bag man so so for about 19 euros (eg. via Myprotein) Gets a 200 grams, is equivalent to what about 300 piece NAC600 effervescent tablets. It just tastes like nothing and you have to even measure (scoop included) and mix.

who so opts for colds with viscous mucus also ACC/NAC and the special offer in itself wants to make happy, should think about that much cheaper powder for self mixing.

I recommend it but only if you are familiar with flu. In severe and long-lasting cough or fever, please consult the doctor! Do not use on allergies to the amino acid cysteine.


(photo: consumer Emperor no sponsorship)