online clothes shopping is convenient and is used worldwide in many cases. But the whole thing has a decisive disadvantage compared to shopping at the store: you can not try on before the garments. The result is that often in different sizes is ordered, so that is the right size in each case. That burdened the dealer and also the parcel. A Japanese company wants to remedy this: starting today, which is one of the largest Japanese fashion retailer, a high-tech suit put out, which could revolutionize the way we buy clothes online.

150 sensors measured the body

which does suit called ZozoSuit a bit out like a high-tech version of long underwear. It was designed by StretchSense. It contains more than 150 capacitive strain sensors collect the more than 15,000 data points from which to ensure that online ordered clothes actually fit.

the Internet has revolutionized the shopping, but buy clothes online has still specific disadvantages. Online retailers must can offer a comfortable and preferably free way to return not only the customer, but can be process also high rates of return at the end.

the ZozoSuit has been developed in a cooperation between the start today and the company StretchSense from New Zealand and based on research of Biotics of MIME Lab of the bioengineering Institute of the University of Auckland.

never more ill-fitting clothes

of ZozoSuit sits tight and contain sensors, wires and an electronic control system in the fabric. Via Bluetooth, the suit is connected with a Smartphone, where a specially-developed app allows the customers, clothes start todays Zozotown Web site to order. Start today guarantees that supplied clothes also fit.

“the ability to measure body size is just one of the applications possible with a smart sensing body suit.” Stretch sensors are a great tool to capture information about how people move in the world. from that information you can draw conclusions about motion, pose, and health. The data from our sensing technology is helping to push the boundaries of human performance”, so Shin Jeong Park of StretchSense.

in the United States, the ZozoSuit can be pre-ordered free of charge. The delivery is scheduled for 2018 in the second quarter. When one can be purchased in Europe with the help of the ZozoSuit, is not yet known.


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