AHAs primarily in the context of irritation. This would, especially in skincare newcomers, the following question lead to: If the use of alpha hydroxy acids so complicated and is exhausting, why want to or should we use a fruit acid peeling at all?

well, what is actually treating the skin with a chemical peel?

AHAs help the skin, dead skin cells (sog. Korneozyte) to remove. Namely in terms of cycle new cells produced the skin (epidermis) (sog. Keratinozyte). This hike from the deeper layers of the skin after up to the skin surface. There, they lose their vibrant core and become corneocytes. The whole process – takes about a month until the calluses on the surface of the skin – by the formation of new skin cells.

the top layer of skin – which we refer to as stratum corneum or stratum – is thus so called dead cells composed of (here’s to the skin structure).

note: the expression: “dead skin cells” is thereby unduly negatively charged. You’d think that: If the cells are “dead”, they no longer belong to the skin, right? No. these dead cells are nothing other than our precious skin barrier! the skin protects from external negative factors such as sunlight, fumes and unwanted bacteria. At the same time, a healthy skin barrier prevents that skin-own water from the skin evaporates. We will get to the skin barrier further down again to talk.

but back to the effect of fruit acid treatment on the skin: while the shelling function of alpha hydroxy acids in skin care products is indisputable, results from the literature not clearly, like a fruit acid peeling our skin otherwise affected.

reports will stimulate the Kollag from aensynthese and a lightening effect on the skin (here) by a increase to hyaluronic acid both epidermis and DermIS (here, at 20% glycolic acid). Also one was anti-inflammatory and established the photo-protective effect of glycolic acid – surprisingly the results of the study showed that this effect the better turned out lower per the Concentration of glycolic acid was (here).

I’ve made me to write researched contribution to alpha hydroxy acids and Polyhydroxysäuren a best this year. Namely, I realize that not all reported “on the Internet”, is correct and that are partially contradictory sources. So I want to look exactly what studies, with what result and using what methods (rarely in vivo) have appeared in the meantime. I hope that also interest you!

but for want in today’s post we focus first and foremost on the hulling effect of Fruchsäurepeeling on the skin. And here the following question: the skin of the dead cell can not alone get rid? She needs an AHA cream it really regularly?

she can actually in many cases! Needs only in certain skin conditions an external assistance in the form of a fruit acid peeling. And even then, the Peelvorgang should be very mild and careful! Think of the skin barrier, which is to remain intact, with which we will deal further below in more detail.