what simple idea on a journey through South-East Asia began, quite quickly became a rising trend. There are chic, showering suits like sand on the sea. Opposuits promises, as the name suggests (opposition = opposition), but change in a big way and takes up, for example the Marvel theme. Who wants to let go already always once properly dressed in a new Marvel stripe and pale movie-goers with envy, we strongly recommend the views of the current collection which.

some other suits six years the Opposuits lable could create over 100 unique designs for the suits of a special kind and is doing so very successfully. The whole world will be supplied. The suits are intended for enthusiasts who want to dare something and swim far from the mainstream. Every man for himself must however balance the practicality. The next theme party or Carnival celebration is one with a “Super Hero Suits” or in the Harry Potter suit definitely the hit. A suit is available online from 50 euro. The suits sit well and fits the quality. Instagram is just flooded with press from buyers who obviously have fun with the suits. We have also received some copies and will publish an update to do so in the near future. The makers of the Opposuits also made a breakthrough last year with a Christmas suit. An absolute blast!

The Opposuits suits


consist of polyester, which makes warm to the heart at a lavish party night then after some time. But homage to the 70’s (John Travolta), whose mode was so to speak fully captured by the polyester fits again with the flair. The later evening jacket should eh be filed so that you will be high again in the green zone.

fun factor: 100%, guaranteed!

whether at the next Christmas party, the bad button party or also simply times to a free Sunday in the City Park flanierend: with one of the trendy Opposuits suits, fun is guaranteed. Even the Tetris suit is worth a real look. However, I fear that here also a certain addiction potential lies dormant. Was once found favor, you want probably more this Loopy suits. The maker from the Netherlands are polarizing and could inspire already stars for the suits. In addition, the suits are delivered as complete sets with matching trousers, jacket and tie.

Opposuits suits Gallery

prices and availability

Opposuits offers also suits for women and children. You can look around you comfortably in the shop, finds individual suits but also at Amazon. The average is a complete suit between 75 and 85 euros. The Christmas tree suit is available currently for 45 euros at Amazon.

“we want to offer our customers high quality and yet affordable suits. Our suits are for those who want to take themselves too serious, but still put a stylish appearance. During the last years we have proved, there’s a large group of people who think we.” Guus, Jelle & Jasper from Opposuits.

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