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campaign by Gillette Venus shows women who write their own rules

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beauty has many facets and is interpreted in different ways. A recent study by Gillette Venus however clearly indicates that women despite all the openness that has already been achieved, are still inhibited to show how they really are.

77% of all women find * that there is more than just a beauty ideal, at the same time, 61% of women say but * also, that female beauty is nowadays very strictly defined. For Gillette Venus a further confirmation of a necessary development: with the new “my skin.” My way.” Campaign celebrates Gillette Venus individual beauty and women, by the company not chosen us, how they are to show yourself and your skin.

is at the heart, skin, and the inspiring stories of four strong women who write their own rules as it is raw and beautiful – -. Anuthida, Angelina, Chih-Hong and Saskia let social conventions behind them and break down outdated ideals of beauty of her flawless skin. The campaign starts on March 8 women’s day.

Gillette Venus study shows: the pressure comes from the social media

since the brand Gillette Venus came in the year 2002 on the German market, has evolved the world – and the image of women and the way women look with her and show. With social media, even the channels have expanded where self-expression and fulfilment is possible. Although much in terms of tolerance and equality has been achieved, 76% of women feel * used by the company under pressure having to optimize their appearance. 65% of women * name in particular social media and influencer workers as the trigger for this to feel the compulsion to must comply with always a particular ideal of beauty. That particularly influenced them in their view of their beauty, their skin and their body hair.

more than half of the women * shaves not negatively judged to be, and every third woman * are ever due to body hair negatively about another woman to have judged. Venus finds: it is outdated and must change! For this reason refused Gillette Venus from it immediately, to edit the skin, and goes a step further: skin will be in the future as it is demonstrated that – and this of course also means that before shaving hair can be seen.

Venus power force shows diversity beautiful skin

no one should be put by the company under pressure. The new “my skin.” My way.” Campaign wants to rewrite the rules and show the variety of beautiful skin. In the center of the campaign, the Venus is power force – four strong women with inspiring stories, which successfully have left behind the pressure of society and feel more comfortable than ever in their skin. Anuthida, Angelina, Chih-Hong and Saskia embody, that there is not only a kind of beautiful skin and it is important to not adjust for others. The campaign launch to international women’s day on 8 March with four portrait films and a campaign film, in which all four power force members can be seen.

inspiring women who write their own rules, also behind the camera

with Tanja Häring worked as a Camerawoman and photographer as well as Wendla Nölle as Director have two power women on the project and the stories of Venus power force to the Life. Tanja Häring has traveled around the world to film people and photographing and to tell their stories in pictures. Its modern storytelling style was awarded already, including the German camera award. Wendla Nölle has the ability to show people and their experiences with a particular sense of emotion and excitement. Their creativity is reflected in the imagery of her movies, which transports always the right portion of an inspiring strength.

with the new campaign, Gillette Venus wants to celebrate women who write their own rules and social pressure become free, to meet a particular ideal of beauty. Because there is more than only one kind of beauty and beautiful skin.

* representative study by Gillette Venus, 2019. For the online survey, total 1,020 women in Germany at the age of 14-34 years were surveyed

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