beauty sleep and magic anti-aging pillow case

I sleep – vote!

Instagram is a fantastic source of inspiration – any kind. It is particularly exciting to watch it there just for what is advertised. For influencer news from the areas offer us skin care and also regularly exciting a lot of anti aging.

the other day I came across several commercials (paid partnerships) for a pillowcase with a anti aging effect. Specific substances (?) should release the pillow the Web page result, which penetrate into the skin and reduce wrinkles. And despite the bedding above it (!). A true beauty sleep is promised.

if so little actually existed, would we spend a lot of money for it, or? One does not learn what costs the pillowcase, but at the moment, since all copies are probably sold out (16.12.18). What is made of the pillowcase, also not available on the home page. But more or less doesn’t matter. Main thing: Finally, there is the hope that our unloved wrinkles overnight disappear!

in any case, the idea of the magic pillow case caught my highest interest. Because I get anyway, not enough sleep, so a refreshing night’s sleep would be a dream!

questions… who actually?

on there are no specifications regarding the manufacturer of innovative pillow cases, its philosophy, the website which sells pillows, etc. A company is specified in the imprint, which deals with the support of “digital ideas”. Very nice. What does this but remains open to do pillow anti-aging, anti with unique . Well, at least an email specified there. See related message I would if not send that to this E-Mail, the feeling that it would… bring much The much-promised beauty sleep needs at least a few clarifications:

magic pillowcase, probiotics and the beauty sleep

“dear ladies and gentlemen,

for some time on Instagram commercials with which you are to beyond SKIN + to see pillowcase. The manufacturer link to very high expectations on a anti aging effect – this should several factors able get through. No these factors is however of course.

beauty sleep, which for the pillowcase is advertised on the website are called the following relationships:

  1. the pillowcase contains micro-capsules that release (sources, studies?) by rubbing “Probiotics”

  2. the probiotics unleashed by the friction between the face and the pillows produce “Carotenoids” (sources, studies?)

  3. carotenoids are “carried through the air” and “attracted by the skin” – and this process will take place despite a bed linen on top of it! -(Sources, studies?)

  4. “SKIN + reduces age-related skin damage (wrinkles) and supports the regeneration of the skin” (sources, studies?)

I would appreciate, could you tell me please specific studies for each of the above points. They exist beyond any doubt. A pillowcase, set free despite bed linen by probiotics and registered by air injects into the skin, causing in turn a anti aging process underway is used, a true revolution in skincare – a subject would be the me very at the heart is n! It takes but definitely credible evidence.

in particular would be highly interesting to know in exactly what way wrinkles – reduce expected to mentioned carotenoids? There are definitely double-blind, placebo controlled studies.

at the end, I ask you also to mention the patent number of “innovative technology” used by you in the pillowcase.

for your reply thank you in advance!



beauty sleep and anti aging

is regularly enough to sleep, certainly one of the most important anti aging conditions. As I write my blog mostly late at night, I’m going to enjoy very rarely. However, I want a refreshing night’s sleep. Therefore, I would have like a magic pillow, who lovingly takes care of my wrinkles. Maybe do it looks fresh and rested after five hours of sleep? Perhaps stole the skin, how long not and even the skin color looks something pfirsischer than usual? Who knows?

back to reality and a question for you: you would buy such a pillowcase? Do you think such advertisement promises, which are occupied by no studies? Talk to advertisements by influencer on Instagram & co? A well-crafted advertising can be very effective. But an anti-aging pillowcase with airborne carotenoids and probiotics is even for those of us who can be quickly influenced by advertising, too much nonsense, or? Nevertheless, such “innovations” are apparently bought… Why actually?

open with this shallow theme for the new year on skincare inspirations.

let you go well!

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