all love and tips for skin preparation at a party!

Hello my Dears, I hope that you enjoy just a beautiful Christmas with your favorite. My best new year wishes to you (below) I would like to connect with a few tips, like you skin short can optimally prepare before a party.

these tips is based not least on my experience – specifically on what I did wrong in this respect in the past. 🙂

skin care right in front of the Party

use any new care products!

use directly in front of a party (or in the preceding evening – or ideally a week before) no skin care products (or Foundation), your have ever used! Also mild drugs can cause irritation or pimples.

use any deep cleansing masks!

so that mean I have any type of “cleansing” masks, to find some under the following names: Detox mask purifying mask unclogging cleansing masks, etc. Such masks can lead in many cases to small bumps or redness. These are indeed temporary, should but should not then come to the fore if you want to look particularly pretty. (This tip not refers to those of you who could use such masks on a regular basis and find no negative effects on the skin so far directly after the treatment.)

apply a moisture bomb – but wash it off!

your skin should be smooth in the following hours and upholstered look and small dry lines disappear, preparing a massive attack with damp retaining means (you can find examples of Humectants here).

  1. carrying a moisturizing serum and-seren in several steps with hands on a wet skin on ( more about the wet method of order see here). Talk: 1) a layer – short wait to move – second layer – short wait to move – etc in the meantime can you sprinkle the skin with a thermal water or a toner. Repeat this method like 10 times (really!).
  2. wear on top a moisturizing mask or (if not present) on a thick layer of cream. Wait 15 minutes and… wash off the whole thing. To do this I reported recently on Instagram:

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#skincaretip if you have any #Feuchtigkeitsmaske (you do not have), coated pure moisture retaining donors (Humectants) and wears a thick layer of a “normal” #. Cream on top of it, that you want to use. Wash off after 20 minutes. 🧴 That is #Gesichtscreme by #Dermedis well formulated, has a very nice light, gel texture, but the scent was too much Hydralife although it certainly reminded me of a cream of #Dior, or so, I once had about 7 years ago… I could distinguish both creams without packaging. 😀 Dermedis and #Vichy – advertising, even bought… 📌 But: My report to the #Defense care series of Paula’s choice is online (PC not satisfied sein🤗 assessment) and you could also win the entire range of treatments! 📌😘 #Gewinnspiel #Hautpflege #gesichtspflege #skincarecommunity_de #skincarelover #pflegeroutine #kosmetik #skincarehaul #reizarm #moisturizer #dryskin #oilyskin #acne

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try never to put your makeup on several layers of product. otherwise is a happy roll – including rolling down your Foundation – guaranteed!

to remove a light moisturizing serum (or a cream – depending on skin type) wear and a good makeup base (Primer). Treat your lower eye area with a richer cream prior to application of the primer. Wait with further steps, until everything is well indented.

You want to occur

self instead of tanning salon

on the new year’s Eve party with a slightly tanned skin, please don’t go in the solarium. It is not only highly unhealthy for your skin, but also dangerous. (Also, it costs a lot of money.) A much healthier and cheaper alternative is a self-tanning – my hero is currently the self-tanning mousse by St. Moriz.

the self-tanning products can be either overnight or rinse after one to three hours. to the self-Tanner I have reported here.

St. Moriz, Professional 60 minutes almost Tan self tanning mousse, incl. glove, €17 (here *)
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Directly after the Party

  1. no matter how tired you are, skin care wash off your skin and all traces of makeup with a mild detergent.


  2. to fancy care preparations. Pamper the skin with moisture and lipids (lipid face creams, oils, etc.).
  3. treat your skin the next day with love – don’t need peeling and possible Irritanten. Also it needs mainly alone after the party.

you are planning further recommendations for a good preparation of the skin directly (and after) a long and wild celebration? Then come on! Thank you!

happy new year!

dear readers, I love skincare community, dear friends,

Thank you all of you for sharing this year here on skincare inspirations from the heart. Are amazing – love worthy and inspiring! Your comments are read daily by many people. This way, we ensure a great help for many who struggle with various skin problems and search for good skin care. I hope that we intensify our exchange about skin care in the coming year still can.

I wish you all a healthy, happy and prosperous new year! Like go your associated hopes and wishes are fulfilled!

let me know what I can do in 2019 for you, what skin care topics should be treated, what is on the blog, what is bugging you and what satisfies. I have an open ear for you!

are planned in any case: the continuation of acne series (next comes a blogpost about acne and diet), an exploration of mineral oil in skin care and Microneedling (whether you need it and why this is good, I know like to). It will be exciting, promised! 🙂

a beautiful new year’s Eve and happy new year! We hear from each other next year!

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